Track Raw Material Dispatches
Track incoming material from supplier
Track material issued for production
Track WIP progress by station
Track scrap by station
Track station/processes worked
Control material issue for scrap replacement
Track all FG in stores / yard
Issue material against sales order
Guide operator to correct location in Yard
Material ageing & dispatch rules
Track returnable assets at customer locations
Inward material tracking
Track material at UC & Binning
Real-time Pick status by Sales Orders
Real-time packing status by Sales Order
Track material by dock
Track operator availability and loading
Real-time stock on hand at retail outlets
Real-time sales data at POS
Re-order request
In store inventory ageing
Raw Material
FG / Yard Management
Retail Outlets

Our Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of products allow clients to manage, track and process both inventory and operations seamlessly at every node within the value chain. With low-cost-ownership, highly customizable, scalable and modular solution packages, we are certain to have a solution for your inventory and process visibility problems.

Avancer AIDER


End-to-end warehouse process automation and digitation platform that enables error-proof operations, improved productivity, inventory visibility and high inventory accuracy.

Avancer WMS


Warehouse Management System offering best-of-breed features, extremely attractively cost of ownership and geared towards needs to 3PL service providers

Avancer FAIRE


Innovative, cost effective solution for error-proof manual kitting & manufacturing assembly operations. Gain real-time visibility on throughput, productivity, rejection and inventory consumption by station. Make assembly errors a thing of the past!

Avancer TRACK


A comprehensive solutions to track and manage all your assets (returnable and non-returnable) with a highly modular and scalable platform allowing users to add assets and locations in line with business needs.

About us

Avancer Technology Solutions


Avancer Technology Solutions is a multi-disciplinary engineering & technology firm offering customized solutions for inventory management and inventory processing in warehousing and manufacturing environment.

Our solutions are industry agnostic and aid our clients achieve improved inventory visibility, error proof warehouse operations, error proof assembly operations and manage returnable assets. Most of our solutions can be integrated with clients’ existing enterprise applications for better control and reporting

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