3PL & Warehousing

3PL & Warehousing

Avancer Systems provides a comprehensive range of solutions for 3PL & Warehouse operators.

Our Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), combines features of best-in-breed WMS with extremely low cost of ownership (TCO) making it ideal for 3PL industry.

The software solution is backed by our proprietary hardware solution which leverages WMS capabilities, there by ensuring efficient warehouse operations, real time KPI reporting and efficient use of labour on warehouse floor.

3PL operators need to be flexible to ensure they can provide value to their clients and our products and solution recognize this. Customized features can be developed during deployment to meet industry or client specific.

In addition to our hardware, other third party hardware like barcode printers, barcode scanners, weighing scales etc. can be seamlessly integrated with Avancer WMS.


Businesses that sell online via E-Commerce need inventory management solutions that help process orders without delays.

Achieving this is critical to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, improved recommendation rates and higher revenues.

Avancer Systems provides a suite of products provides maximum inventory visibility within your warehouses, automatic order receipt and inventory allocation, picking & packing automation, dispatch notification and order completion feedback to e-commerce websites.

Clients have accurate inventory-on-hand information which can be shared with e-commerce portals to ensure there are no lost sales.

Package comes with standard dashboards to provide real time inventory and order completion status.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) operations are aimed at reducing uncertainly in supply chain. In order to achieve this, it is critical to have visibility of consumption and VMI store.

Avancer Systems provides a comprehensive inventory visibility and monitoring tool that allows VMI operators to deliver value to their clients.

Depending on the nature of inventory managed, appropriate data capture technologies can be deployed to ensure real time inventory consumption and trigger replenishment cycles.

In case of large VMI locations, Avancer Technology Solution’s Inventory Management Software along with order picking automation can be deployed to streamline inventory picking and delivery.

Asset Pooling

Asset Pooling is an efficient mechanism to maximise asset utilization by achieving economies of scale and Asset Pooling customers can significantly reduce non-core assets. It is critical for asset pooling service providers to sweat assets in the pool for achieving and maintaining profitability.

It is important for service providers to have real time visibility of the assets in their network, asset location, the number of cycles each asset has undergone, asset repair history - among other information.

Avancer Systems provides an end-to-end asset track and trace solution where returnable assets are deployed.
The solution deploys smart asset identification and capture mechanism at every location in the node and captures real time movement of assets.

Asset Pooling

A customizable asset dashboard provides clear, concise and accurate asset information to ensure asset pooling companies are always on top of their asset while delivering exceptional value to clients.