Avancer aider For fast, accurate, error proof warehouse operations with real time visibility

Avancer aider

Warehouse Management System WMS with best-of-breed features with very low cost of ownership

Avancer Systems provides a comprehensive range of solutions for 3PL & Warehouse operators.

Our Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), combines features of best-in-breed WMS with extremely low cost of ownership (TCO) making it ideal for 3PL industry.

The software solution is backed by our proprietary hardware solution which leverages WMS capabilities, there by ensuring efficient warehouse operations, real time KPI reporting and efficient use of labour on warehouse floor.

3PL operators need to be flexible to ensure they can provide value to their clients and our products and solution recognize this. Customized features can be developed during deployment to meet industry or client specific requirements.

In addition to our hardware, other third party hardware products like barcode printers, barcode scanners, weighing scales etc. can be seamlessly integrated to Avancer WMS

Warehouse Management System

Avancer faire Reliable solution for order consolidation, sorting, kitting and assembly operations

As supply chains get lean, the inherent risk increases since each node in the value chain operates with little or no buffer stock and small delays in a node can disrupt subsequent nodes. Therefore, it is critical to have visibility into the operations of all nodes in the value chain to predict the and thereby avert undesired events.

Avancer Faire is an extremely cost effect solution that leverages advancements in mobility technology to track operations in the manufacturing facility in real-time at every station. The data thus gathered is synthesized in to compute key operational metrics to predict throughput. It also provides operational instructions to assembly operators to help them do their job better.

Manufacturing Execution


1 Ideal for Just-In-Time manufacturing plants
2 Integrates with current Manufacturing IT solution
3 Intuitive user interface reducing training time
4 Self customizable on-the-fly
5 Modular – add assembly stations in phases
6 Replace paper SOP manuals with multimedia


1 Real-time shop-floor visibility by station
2 Track inventory consumption by station
3 Ensures 100% process adherence
4 Reduces assembly / production mistakes
5 Real-time reporting on all key operational metrics
6 Track operator efficiency in real-time

Avancer Track Reliable solution for order consolidation, sorting, kitting and assembly operations

Avancer Technology Solution's returnable tracking solution is ideal for clients that own and maintain a pool of returnable assets. It provides clients with end-to-end visibility and control for each asset within the pool along with a multitude of real-time reports, alerts and KPIs that ensure you never lose track of your assets.

The system is backed by a robust asset management application that can be easily integrated with client's existing enterprise applications (ERP, WMS, etc.). With fast deployment, low cost of ownership and modular design ensures that our solutions is an appropriate fit for client's asset management needs


1 Track all returnable assets in real-time
2 Asset life analysis to assess ROI on all assets
3 Capture maintenance log for each asset
4 Set alerts to identify idle assets in the chain
5 Scalable – no limit on asset pool size
6 Connect multiple nodes on one platform


1 Optimise asset CAPEX & improve ROA
2 Low cost of deployment & maintenance
3 Assess client-wise profitability
4 Reduce loss and pilferage of assets
5 Real-time KPIs for all key parameters
6 Improved visibility on new asset requirement
Track & Trace